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T.G.S. Ch.7

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Family or owners

Akame (grandfather)


Star was born miles away from her supposed to be homeland, Iga. But however, Lintoru finds them and kills her whole family. She wasn't caught because she fell down a tunnel into a small cave. She turned her head over to a hole in the ceiling where the moons raze shined upon her, getting her to open her eyes for the first time. After Abit, Luna finds her and takes her in. She grew attracted to meat quickly and it was here that she was left on her own.


She first appears after being attacked by the orange bear, Colossi. But before the bear can finish her, Collin jumped in and ripped out the bear's eyes. But Star was knocked out so she didn't know he did that. But she came to when Marty came to her aid. She at first mistaken him for Weed, but she understood he's not truly weed so she went back to the others. She stuck around the group for awhile. At one point, she talked with Marty for Abit but finally found out whom truly saved her from Colossi. She was shocked, but still was likeing Marty however. But she was forced to expose her affections when Akasama got it out of her. She appears later when she and "9" went to look for Turro and bring Kahotep. She is known as an Amasis by Kahotep, meaning child of the moon.