Akita Inu





Family or owners

Aotora (Son), Clover (Daughter)



Ginga KyyushiEdit

Sora is Kyyushi's mate, and mother of Aotora and Clover. Sora first appears trapped in a cage. When Kyyushi sees her, he quickly frees her, and they run off. Sora wasn't accepted at first by the other soldiers. But she was accepted over time. One day, Resse showed up, and toke her hostage. For most of the story, she was kept hostage. Until Kyyushi snuck in and rescued her. It was then that she began to get feelings for him. Kyyushi too, got feelings for her. During resting, she and Kyyushi rest together. Before the battle, she seen Fang, and Sei along a river. But when the final battle came, she was told to stay behind with Sei so she wont get hurt.

Ginga Farle AotoraEdit

14 years had past since Resse's rein of terror. And Sora had 2 pups. Aotora, and Clover. She appeared only in the beginning of the sequel, Living near an abandoned farmhouse. She Grew sick, and told Aotora and Clover that she can't take care of them in her condition. She told them to go to ohu, where their father is. She wasn't seen since.