"Demon boar"




Deceased (Killed by Bito)


"Lost city"

Sirius is a giant boar that has been terrorizing Tabi and Bito's territory. He first appears when he charges in and attacks the "Dynamic Duo". He manages to rip out Bito's eye, and also knocks Tabi out cold. He didn't show up until Bito went into his "Lost City". He finds him inside a hollow column. He easily manages to crush the column Bito was in, but misses him by near inches. He had trouble finding him until Bito threw a spear into his head. He easily manages to shake it out and immediently gave chase. He showed up later that night, charging at where Clover's platoon was. He finds Bito and Tabi and attacks them. He rams Bito into a tree limb, blinding him. Sirius knows this and mainly attacks Bito. When he chased Bito to a cliffside. He try's to ram Bito off, but misses, and nearly throws himself off the cliff. But Bito knocks him off the cliffface,killing him.