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Mozart is the eldest child of Alice and Jim, being the most sensible one out of them all, showing wisdom and calmness. She is gentle yet can be fierce if provoked. She and her siblings were a major part in the war against Sniper's forces, but she and Mora took a backburner when they became mothers in the second arc (Mora had her pups shortly after the war while Mozart just had hers.)


Mozart is worried for her mother's sake when she goes into labor and stays by Alice when she does. She also helps names him too. As James is growing up, she keeps an eye out for him.


When the crash seperates her and her siblings from their mother, she gets injured but heals quickly. She and her siblings go to Ohu to see if their mother and father are there waiting for them, not knowing that they are a few miles away near Genba's territory. The three meet Smoke (James's future mate) and soon the four are on their way to Ohu. Smoke quickly shows them how to survive by fishing in the river.

Soon they make their way to Ohu and James mistakes Gin and John for their mother and father. She and Mora then ask in secret if they could adopt them as they both feel their parents have died.