Mora with scars

Mora with her scars

Mora is the middle child of Alice and Jim. Her silver fur, like her mother, is the envy among her friends in her home town. She has an older sister Mozart and a younger brother named James. She also has three half-siblings that look like her: Aki, Junpei, and Yuko.

Her mate's name is Harutora, the son of Kurotora. She has two young children named Ryutora and Hinatora and four unnamed pups. She is the aunt of Mozart's daughter Alison, James and Smoke's six children: Liara, Rikun, Kana, Ryo, Uru, and Mheetu. She is the great aunt of Black Fang, Ryou, Dusty and Dahila.

Her scars were mainly gotten from the war against Sniper's forces. Most of them were gotten from Damon, Tesshin insane jealous older brother. The star-shaped scar on her chest was obtained from a brand.

Her moods can change somewhat quickly, she can burst into tears at one moment and be very cheerful in the next. It is rare for her to be angry and even rarer for her to kill someone without reason (Like she did with Baca)


Mora was a peaceful child until she learned who exactly killed her grandparents: Baca. At that moment, she held the first sign of anger and hatred in her eyes. But Mozart and Mikana quickly told her that it was dangerous and soon, she forgot for a while. She was excited to become an older sister to James when he was born.

Ginga Ocean James/Ginga Nagareboshi Yukina

Mora, along with her brother and sister, were seperated from their owners and parents when the car they were in fell off the cliff. Realizing that they could be dead, Mora starts to cry. But her tears are stopped when James drops an apple on her head. She soon meets Smoke and the four set out for Gajou. 

Trivia:mora was originally yellow but the creator decided to make a silver furred version.