Lucas, Kyou's mate and childhood friend of Sadie and Rex. Base is from Yumura

Lucas is the son of Hyena and an unknown mutt. After he learns of his father's death, he sets out with his two friends, Sadie and Rex to find out what happened. When they found out nothing, Sadie and Rex settled down for a while and had four children-Yukina, Zilla, Burukin, and Percy.

One day he was out hunting when he heard a familar voice, the voice of Yukina. He qucikly acted and drove off the humans that were harassing her and her friends. He re-introduced himself to Yukina and learned that not only had his friends were cruely murdered, three of their children had gone missing.

After rescuing a small Akita pup and finding out he had no name, they gave him the name 'Kyou', similar to Kyo's name. They find out of the Tora siblings and set out to gather them when they run into Alice being harassed by Genba. Quickly running him off, they find out that she had been seperated from her mate and children.