Saluki mix


Lintoru's pack (Leader)


Alive (assumed)


Hougen, Hisuteri (forced)

First appearance

T.G.S Ch.6 (briefly), T.G.S Ch.25

Last Appearance

T.G.S Ch.31

Lintoru is leader of an evil pack and was Hougen's mate. She is also the main antagonist for the first arc.


Lintoru officially hasn't appear in the story, but has been involved with much of the past of many characters. She has been involved in many killings, the worst being when she killed Star's parents, and eaten her siblings. She has also accused of killing Patty and James fathers, Ragnar's Brother, and alot of others. She was mentioned throughout the story, starting with when Luna first appears and warns Scott and Alice. She was mentioned again by one of her soldiers, Kon. She was told other times by other dogs, but her true official appearance begins when she sees Kahotep pinned down. She said to let him go, thinking that he won't survive long. But when one of her men disagree, she immediently kills him for his disrespect. She watched Kahotep for awhile until he was out of sight, and she walked back inside Gijou. She appears later when she confronts Hisuteri. When she sees ohu dogs going to rescue the prisoners, she was stopped by Hisuteri and she was knocked onto her back and was raped in front of her comrades! She begs him to stop, saying she's taken, but it proved fruitless. For the next few days, she was spending her time sitting in the Courbet of her den, completely depressed over what Hisuteri had done. During the battle, Boss rushed in and tried to get her to help, but she instead tells him to hold down the fort and she rushed off to find Hisuteri to get back at him for what he did. But she finds him facing Collin. She jumps at him and rips at his neck. It was then that she knew on what happened to the spotted ninja dog. She was nearly killed during the fight, but then she and Hisuteri suddenly stop. The Mexican hairless let her go, saying he's not risking killing his kids over this, but Hisuteri did beat her badly however, ripping her neck and around her body. After that attempt, Lintoru, with Collin's help, both kill him. After that, Lintoru leaves with a limp in her legs, saying they have gotten Gijou back. She wasn't seen since.