human/dog hybrid

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Rajan's Story



Koinu is a young human/dog cross (how she did become one is a keen to be known) who appears in Rajan's Story.

She first appears when she visits Sakura to adopt one of her puppies. She looks around them, examining each one, and chooses Rajan. She brings him back and they both became very close. She can understand what he can say, and when he was talking to himself is when she revils her true cross-breeding mark to him (her dog ears). Sometime afterwards, she and Rajan were sleeping when Rajan was kidnapped. She tried her best but couldn't stop the thrives in time to save Rajan.

She appears after Rajan managed to return home blind, but only to find it as a last goodbye. She understands that he grown old enough to take care of himself and let's him go.