Kisaragi as he appears in the anime


Kisaragi is by Yoshihiro Takahashi



Siberian Husky

First appearance

GNG anime episode 16


Deceased (Killed by Masahige and his minions in GDW:O)

Family or owners

Uzuki,Minazuki,Hazuki(brothers),Kisaragi's sons (GNG), 19 new sons including Izou, Kogoro, Kichinosuke, Shintarou, Shinsaku, Shirosaku, Miu, Saburō


unknown female

Meaning of Name

February (old Japanese)



Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Kisaragi leads a pack of dogs in Mutsu with Uzuki, Minazuki, and Hazuki, and they're called "The Four Heavenly Kings of Mutsu." Their goal is to be the strongest in the world, and they try everything to make the pack join their group. They capture Moss, and his part of the group in a volcano. They try to see if the heat can break their loyalty to their Boss. Ben tries to rescue Moss, but Terry seems to have betrayed Riki, and joined Kisaragi. Terry grips Ben by his neck and whispers that he is still loyal to the Boss, but he is forced to work under Kisaragi as he throws Ben into the volcano. Uzuki heard Terry, and as Terry tries to rescue Ben, Kisaragi challenges him.

In the fight, Kisaragi scratches out Terry's last eye. He then refuses to give up and throws himself against Kisaragi who easily jumps over him, making him rush straight into the claws of a bear.As Kisaragi's and Ben's groups fight, the bears appear of the top of the volcano and throw Terry's dead body down it. Filled with anger, Ben's group fearlessly attacks the bears to avenge their fallen Platoon Leader. Kisaragi is amazed by their courage and joins the group. After that, Kisaragi only appears in minor scenes. In the manga Kisaragi has two unnamed sons, who are killed by the bears, but they do not appear in the anime.