Family or owners

Deceased parents, Deceased owner

First appearance

TGS Ch. 25

Last appearance


Meaning of name

Egyptian for "Peaceful access"


Kahotep was born as a stray in the dead end towns of Egypt. But when his parents died from sickness, he was forced to go on his own until his owner found him and took him in. His owner trained him for agility in the fighting arena, and he wore a special crown during between matches. But when he and his owner flown to japan, his owner was killed in a car accident. Since this, he had to go on his own.


Kahotep first appeared at what it's now called "Hell's pass", as he tried to escape. But after being pinned, Oddly Lintoru let's him go, thinking he won't survive since they have the only sourse of water for miles. Kahotep back up for about a mile first before running off to make sure if she was tricking him. He appears later back at Sakura's shrine where Turro, "9", and Star found him. He was brought back to the army and was taken in. He lied to them saying he was just left in japan by his owner, not wanting them all to worry about him. However, Teru found him crying by his crown but Kahotep needed alone time so he didn't bug him as much. He was awaken one night, along with Zeroni, when he finds Carlos pacing about. They talked for Abit but was surprised when Sheva and Zero walked in. He was Abit moved when Zero came to him and licked his paw. During his sleep, his dream had a strange "Prophecy" in it that he dosnt truly understand. He however was awaken by other dogs who showed him the dead comrades and wounded Tiger. But when Sheva came back and told Patty the news of GB's death. He was the most effected, remembering his own experience with his owner and parents. And he ran away crying his eyes out. He had ran back to the shrine where he was first discovered and Turro found him there. It was only now that he told the truth about his owners death. When he was brought back, he helped in the part of rescuing the prisoners back at Gijou.