Labrador/Akita mix




Deceased (killed by Lintoru)

Family or owners

Bat father); Ragnar (brother); Allen uncle)

First appearance

Ohu Game ch. 9 part 2

Last appearance

Ohu Game ch. 15

Iorek is the son of Bat and an unknown female, and the brother of Ragnar, appearing only in the Ohu Game.

Ohu GameEdit

Ragnar and Iorek made their first appearance when Jerome found Iorek spying on the Ohu army.After hearing about which pack Jerome belonged to, they got back in a hut where they were staying and told their father. Later on, he and his brother went to talk with his father about Allen. They talked for awhile longer until they had to go on with the others. At the end of the fight, he and Iorek begged their father to stay, but instead bat told them to stay and insist the army in anyway they can. They had been working for ohu since then.


Unlike his brother, he was killed off-screen by Lintoru when she and her pack attacked Ohu in The Game sequel.