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Chako/Choko, the adoptive father of Basaki, Buju, Rujina, and Duko

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Dai, sister of Choko and Churin. Daughter of Chutora and Trisha

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Churin, daughter of Chutora and an unknown female. Sister to Choko, and Dai, niece to John, Harmonia, and Gina. Mother is rumored to be John's sister Trisha

Churin, Dai and Choko are the children of Chutora and Trisha, born long before Chutora joined Ohu and fell in love with Bill.

Seperated at an early age, Dai and Choko were taken and left elsewhere while Churin was left with her mother until she too was taken and sold into a dog fighting ring where she eventually met Joe, Yukimura and Koyuki. Churin is a calm dog and eventually helps the three escape and goes with them. Her old friend Diku follows them as an enemy, but he eventually leaves and his whereabouts are now unknown.

Dai and Choko are living at Ohu with their father Chutora and stepfather Bill, raising their younger siblings and Choko's own adopted daughters, ones he saved as a yearling.

Trisha's fate is unknown along with her sister Gina. Harmonia may have had something to do with their disappearence.