Lintoru's pack (formaly), Ohu

First appearance

T.G.S. Ch.15

Last Appearance

T.G.S. Ch.34


Deceased (Killed by Bluefoot)

Boss is a member of Lintoru's pack, more brains instead of brone.


Lintoru ArcEdit

Boss first appears when he finds Akasama alone. He sents his first dogs after him, but when both were beaten, he easily knocks him out cold. He was about to kill him when one of his dogs reminds him about the storm, and tells him to just leave him to die. Boss agrees and tells his dogs to leave him back at a Vally where they passed earlier. He appears later when he had cornered the Ice clan's leader, RJ. He grew ticked off and killed the dog whom told him the idea of the storm. He then got an idea and forced Akasama under his will and killed RJ by slamming Akasama's jaws in his throut. He then left, taking Zak with them. It seems later he was found by Kagetora and his siblings and rescued Zak from boss. He dosnt appear until the final battle, when he denies Rakki's offer to surrender. As the Ohu army was getting closer, he rushes inside for Lintoru's help, only to find her crying in a corner. Lintoru then tells him what Hisuteri did to her and tells him to hold down the fort until she comes back.