Alice is the daughter of Kiniro and Kaze.

Jim is the son of Jara and Rin. Both grew up in the same town while living with their owners. Jim had a crush on her growing but...before he could confess, Alice was mated to Daniel unwillingly so her owner could have more pups with golden fur like Kiniro.

Everyone could do nothing but watch as Alice carried the pups to term. She gave birth to them, but never let them nurse on her desipt her owner trying to make her. No one could make her raise them if they tried. It is unknown how they survived without her milk, but Daniel-heartbroken, took his children to raise them on his own.

She left the house later that night and went right to Jim. She cried her eyes out as he rubbed her back. They confesses that night and they became mates. Eventually, Alice grew confident enough and asked to start a family with Jim and they mated, later resulting in Mozart and Mora. But their new found happiness would not last forever. When Alice became pregnant a second time with their son James, her mother was raped by a jealous mutt names Baca, who killed her mother, father, and Jim's parents just a week before James was born.


Alice had just given birth to James when they heard the howling from Futago Pass. When Daisuke, Takeda Gohei and Hidetoshi came down the mountain, they learned their friend Riki had died fighting.

Four months later when James is a young pup, they are seperated from their children and each other in a car crash. Alice soon finds herself in the attention of Genba...but he is made to leave by Yukina and her small crew, reuniting with Jim. She along with Yukina's crew go along to recruit a small pack lead by a small Kishu named Kyoushiro, recruiting Terra and her rivals, The Tora Siblings. Shortly after that when they reach the edge of Ohu's turf, they are reunited with James along with his sisters and new friends. Together lead by Minazuki and Bill, they set out to gather soldiers while hoping to save the leaders.

Arc 1-War Against Sniper